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Glyn Salisbury

Glyn Salisbury Fretwork is a design and woodworking studio based in Caithness, Scotland. Using one of the oldest forms of woodworking we create individually crafted and hand finished wooden gifts to delight the recipient and enhance their home. Whether it is a simple striking piece or a large complex design quality and workmanship are our bywords.

Glyn Salisbury Fretwork

Each wooden gift is hand fretsawn, finished and oiled with natural linseed to bring out the depth of colour and provide a long lasting protection.

Gifts are made from a selection of sustainably sourced hardwood and pieces are selected for their colour and grain effect to enhance the final look of the item.

Master Craftsmanship

Glyn Salisbury

.. ‘I have loved working and being creative with wood for many years now.....’

… ‘I apply all the skill and experience built up over time to deliver master craftsmanship quality to each item I make…’